detox treatment

There is a drawback to all of the modern conveniences that we enjoy today and that drawback is pollution.  There is pollution in our atmosphere and chemicals in the products we use that can enter our bodies without our knowledge.  There are also toxins that get into our bodies that we consciously put in, these are the chemicals and preservatives in the food that we eat.  Detoxing can help rid you of the pollutants and you will not only feel better but look better at the same time, here are some of the detox services we offer here at Calgary Spa.

Facial Detox

Pollutants, cosmetics, smoking, our diets and regular dirt all end up showing in our faces.  Harsh chemicals in the products we use along with our diets can deplete the collagen in our faces and that causes us to age prematurely.  A deep cleanse and facial detox will not only make your skin shine but it can take ten years of your face.  If you want to put your best face forward then try some of our facial detox programs.  Relax while our skin technicians give you an all-natural facial mask and massage that will remove the impurities in your skin and encourage collagen production.

Scalp Massages

There is nothing more relaxing than a scalp massage.  Your entire body can benefit from a detox program including your hair follicles.  This will not only feel great but it will also stimulate your hair follicles in addition to the other benefits of detoxing.  A deep massage helps stimulate your blood circulation and that will bring some much needed nutrients to your follicles.  In the end you will end up with long and luscious locks.  The massage will leave your scalp tingling, promote hair growth and shine.

Foot Detox

A foot detox consists of soaking your feet in the right balance of minerals and it will do wonders for your well being.  Stress is a natural part of living but sometimes it can be overwhelming.  A foot detox can help reduce the effects of dry skin, allergies, poor circulation and tired feet from standing all day long.  A relaxing foot detox can massage your feet accompanied by a soak in warm water with Epsom salt to give you the magnesium that your body needs.

A detox program can help you look and feel much better, you will have more energy and you can get back to looking like your old self again.

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